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CACFP  Programs

HSFC is passionate about supporting Child and Adult Care Food Programs.  Our support and services to schools and nonprofit organizations who are Sponsors, ensure regulations are met and meals are served to help children and adults maintain nutritious dietary habits.  Our work with childcare centers, adult day care centers and after school snack and meal programs ensures free, nutritious meals that meet USDA requirements.  HSFC is a member of the National CACFP Association.

CACFP  Services

  • Prepare your CACFP Program for Sponsor Reviews
  • Manage the proposal and selection process of vendors
  • Train Staff on CACFP Regulations
  • Manage compliance and reporting to your state agency
  • Develop processes that simplify review completion and accurate reporting
  • Review meal patterns, dietary specific requirements and menu regulations
  • Prepare and manage program’s monthly reimbursement claims

How do I know if my CACFP program needs a food management consultant.

- Answer -

When staff are not properly trained in the guidelines required for reimbursable meal program, a child and adult care food program consultant would be beneficial.
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