Logistics and 
Home Delivery

HSFC  Delivers  Innovative Serving Models

HSFC's logistic solutions and emergency food programs were created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent school closure.  The program includes innovative serving and food delivery models that support traditional, hybrid and distance learning as well as non-traditional school schedules. We offer curbside pickup of meals for school districts, charter schools and community organizations.

HSFC Logistics  Programs Include

  • Provide customized tool kits for schools to promote parent engagement
  • Coordinate start dates, locations of delivery (curbside pickup, home)
  • Develop child nutrition program policies and procedures
  • Site Agreements for school site pickups
  • Complete data sharing agreement ot map home delivery

How do I know I need a food program logistics consultant?

- Answer -

When staff are not properly trained on reimbursable meal programs for child and adults a consultant is a valuable partner to have.
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