Logistic Solutions Collaborative

The Healthy School Food Collaborative has launched a new solution to ensure that more students are receiving meals. Logistic Solutions Collaborative provides drivers, vehicles, software, claim support, such as visual proof of delivery, routing and delivery tracking, as well as customer support services to all students who have a need. This includes but is not limited to those students enrolled in virtual school, home school, or simply families have difficulty making it to curbside meal pickup.

Some of the services Logistic Solutions Collaborative provides

Sign-Up For Meal Delivery ​. . . at School, at Home or Curbside

A sign-up link makes it easy for students to receive meals no matter where they are located or need to pick up.

  • Household Addresses/Locations and Student Enrollment is verified
  • Parents receive email confirmation of student's meal sign-up
  • Parents receive email containing food delivery date (a 24-48 hour delivery window is observed to allow for production and unforseen delays)

LSC will coordinate routing and delivery logistics with our FSMC (Food Service Management Company) partners

  • Non-Contact Delivery, No Signature Required
  • Front Door / Carport Delivery – you tell us where!
  • Visual Proof of Delivery System for Quality Control

24-7 Support

Turn-key Logistics

Our logistics team delivers packaged food and prepared meals to students who can’t pick them up

  • We provide Drivers, Vehicles, Software and Claims Support
  • Optimized delivery routes using Enrollment Locations, Meal Distribution Centers and Production Capacity
  • Scheduled Loading and Delivery Times to Ensure Efficiencies

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