Logistic Solutions Collaborative

The Healthy School Food Collaborative has launched a new solution to ensuring that more students are receiving meals. Logistic Solutions Collaborative provides drivers, vehicles, software, claim support, such as visual proof of delivery, routing and delivery tracking, and customer support services to all students who have a need. This includes but is not limited to those students enrolled in virtual school, home school, or simply families have difficulty making it to curbside meal pickup.

Some of the services Logistic Solutions Collaborative provides

LSC will provide a sign-up link for parents to sign up for meals

  • Addresses of households will be validated
  • Parents will receive an email submission confirmation
  • Students who sign up will be verified to ensure the child is enrolled in the school
  • FSMC will receive a file that indicates the students name, school, address on a weekly basis to prepare the meals

LSC will coordinate routing and delivery logistics with FSMC

  • Van/Truck Routes will be created and optimized based on students who are enrolled, FSMC meal distribution center and production capacity
  • Drivers and FSMC will have scheduled loading times to ensure efficiency
  • A delivery route sheet will be provided to each driver and FSMC. FSMC will load the van/truck. FSMC representative and driver will sign off on the # of meals loaded fordelivery

LSC will manage the driver’s and delivery logistics

  • Driver’s will conduct a “non-contact” delivery, which means no signature for delivery will be required and no physical contact with anyone
  • Meals will be delivered to each of the addresses provided on at the front door or in the carport for the residence, whenever possible

LSC will provide customer support

  • Parents will receive an email confirmation once meals are confirmed with a delivery date. This may indicate a 24 – 48 hour delivery window to account for possible delays as weather, vehicle issues, production issues, etc
  • An email and phone number will be provided to all parents to address any concerns or issues that may arise
  • LSC rep will work with the customer to resolve any issues that may arise

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