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Applying for School Meal Benefits is  Free!

The HSFC encourages all families to apply for school meal benefits online or by completing a paper application.   Applications are accepted throughout the year but must be submitted by October 1st of the current year to allow time for the eligibility verification process.  Within 10 days of receiving an original application, school meal benefit Notification Letters are sent to households.  On occasion household information must be verified before an application is approved with the verification including a review of the household's income provided in the original application.  Additionally, when an application is selected for verification, a response is required within 10 days.    For more information about school meal benefits and the verification process contact your school’s main office.

Paying Online for School Meals is  Easy

Once approved for school meal benefits we encourage payment for school meals online by clicking “My School Bucks” below.  If families are unable to pay online or experience problems with online processing, your child's school will accept payment in the main office.

How do I know I could benefit from a Summer Food Program consultant?

- Answer -

When staff are not properly trained on the guidelines required for reimbursable summer meals, a summer food program specialist is beneficial to ensure program management.
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