Facilities Management

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When it comes to running successful facilities, whether it’s a school, a business, a corporate office location, or a facility on a college or university campus, there are a lot of moving parts that need to be taken care of. While administrators may be able to handle all of those moving parts, ensuring that everything is running smoothly can be difficult and stressful. At the Healthy School Food Collaborative (HSFC), our team is dedicated to taking the stress of food service and facility management off the plates of administrators in order to better help students, faculty, and employees enjoy healthy food options at affordable prices. Learn more about our facility management services today and contact us to get started.

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Procurement and RFP Management

HSFC establishes vendor contracts that work to sustain food program operations. We improve vendor contracts and budgets.

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Logistic Solutions and Delivery

HSFC logistic solutions and innovative food delivery programs ensure access to food in schools, curbside pickup, or home delivery.

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School Food Program Management

HSFC works with schools and school districts to manage their food service and child nutrition program so administrators can focus on students and academics.


Improve the Operations of Your Facilities

Whether your facility is already running efficiently or there is something lacking that your team needs help improving, HSFC can help you improve your facility management capabilities with a team of experienced professionals ready to help you achieve your goals. From schools to universities to hospitals and even corporate buildings, the efficacy of facility management can greatly impact the people utilizing the space. Because our mission is to ensure that administrators of facilities like these are able to provide the best possible services and spaces, we’re ready and able to help improve your facility management. Just give us a call today to learn more!

Ensure Your Facilities Run Smoothly

Getting your facility to run smoothly is no small feat. From maintenance tasks to coordinating space management and equipment acquisitions and so much more, administrators have a lot on their plates in order to ensure a safe, useful, and efficient facility. With the help of the experienced team at HSFC, however, managing your facilities doesn’t have to be quite so much work! We’ll work with you to understand the goals of your facility management, the requirements your facility must fulfill, and any other relevant information about your facility, and we’ll get to work on creating a plan of action to ensure that your facility is running smoothly. From creating protocols to helping improve the facility on a day-to-day basis, our team at HSFC is here to help!


Why Choose HSFC for Facility Management Services?

At the Healthy School Food Collaborative, our mission is to provide healthy, affordable, and enjoyable food to students through our efforts, so why do we also offer facility management? We provide comprehensive services such as facility management because we understand that the lack of readily available school food can be a multi-faceted issue that has a lot of contributing factors. One of those factors is that administrators are often overburdened, creating burnout among the organizational levels of schools and facilities, which can negatively impact every level of a school or organization. Because our team is passionate about helping to solve this issue from the ground up, we offer comprehensive services to administrators, such as facilities management, in order to work toward our goals.

Our team of contracting specialists, licensed nutritionists and dietitians, certified occupational safety specialists (COSS), DOE-certified school food service managers, and national and local food service management relationships are experts in the administration of National School Lunch Programs (NSLP), School Breakfast Programs (SBP), and Child and Adult Care Food Programs (CACFP). We recognize the crucial role of nutrition in helping students reach their academic and social potential and are passionately committed to offering the highest quality services so that schools can concentrate on what they do best.

Get Facility Management From HSFC 

No matter what kind of facility or facilities your team needs help managing, HSFC is here with the support you need most! We offer consulting, management, and operations services for school facilities at all levels of education, as well as facility management services for corporate building administrators, hospital administrators, and more. Learn more about our other services online today and how these services are designed to help students, patients, employees, and faculty enjoy better access to healthy, affordable food options.

Are you ready to get started? Contact our team at the Healthy School Food Collaborative to get started with our facility management service or to get a quote for your needs today!

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