Reducing Childhood Obesity Starts With The Healthy School Food Collaborative

Reducing Childhood Obesity Starts With The Healthy School Food Collaborative

When it comes to childhood obesity, we often think of individual responsibility. But the reality is that the problem is much bigger than that. The environment that children are raised in plays a huge role in their overall health and wellness — and that includes the food they eat at school.

That’s why the Healthy School Food Collaborative is such an important initiative. Keep reading to learn more about our fight against childhood obesity and reach out to get help for your students today!

an obese child sitting on the couch playing video games with a soda

Childhood Obesity Stats

According to the CDC, childhood obesity is a leading health concern among children ages two to 19 with almost 20% of this demographic being affected.

There are many reasons why childhood obesity is such a problem. One of the major reasons is the food that children are eating. unhealthy, processed foods are full of empty calories and lack the nutrients that children need to grow and develop properly. HSFC works with schools and school districts to manage their food service and child nutrition program so administrators can focus on students and academics.

a nutrition specialist talking with a student

Nutrition Counseling

HSFC offers nutrition counseling services to help children and families make healthier food choices. Our dietitians have extensive experience in the field of nutrition and can provide advice on meal planning and other lifestyle changes to help reduce the risk of obesity. We can also provide educational materials and resources to help children learn the importance of eating a balanced diet.

Children being served a nutritious school lunch

Our Services

When it comes to diet, one of the biggest issues is the availability of unhealthy food options, both in school cafeterias and in the wider community. Our services include:

  • Menu Planning / Meal Pattern Compliance
  • Procurement and Vendor Selection
  • Federal Meal Programs Nutrition Compliance - NSLP, SBP, FFVP, CACFP
  • Wellness Program Development, Implementation
  • Nutrition Education & Training
a teen enjoying a healthy school lunch

HSFC’s Support

If your school is looking for ways to improve the quality of its food offerings, the Healthy School Food Collaborative is a great place to start. By working with our team of specialists, you can help ensure that your students have access to healthy, nutritious meals — and that they learn the importance of good nutrition from an early age. Contact us today to get started!