Who Can Partner With The Healthy School Food Collaborative?

Who Can Partner With The Healthy School Food Collaborative?

The Healthy School Food Collaborative is a team of food services professionals who support non-public schools (and districts) and community organizations with food program planning and management. Through our years of experience in the food service industry, our top food service operations professionals are able to provide administration liaison and nutrition consulting on behalf of our partners with distributors, suppliers, and vendors. So who can partner with us? Read below and then contact HSFC to see which of our services would best support your organization in reducing obesity in children and adults!


Educational Facilities

The bread and butter of our mission is to reduce childhood obesity and we do this by partnering with charter and non-public schools and districts. We also work with universities to offer services like preventative kitchen maintenance to keep your food equipment in tip-top shape so you can produce meals with little to no downtime.


Corporate & Business Offices

Our scope of services extends beyond the educational sector as well. If you’re looking for a food consultant to help with creating a more efficient facility management program, HSFC can work with your business to understand the goals of your facility and come up with a plan of action to make sure your facility is running smoothly.


Community Centers

We also partner with a multitude of organizations that run community centers. From homeless and displaced shelters to mass feeding and emergency feeding services, we’re proud to be able to offer numerous programs and services that benefit communities as a whole.

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Child & Adult Care Centers

Everyone should have a good experience at mealtime. HSFC is committed to supporting Child and Adult Care Food Programs that serve nutritious meals to children and adults. Our meal solutions and services aid in meeting USDA requirements for childcare centers, adult daycare centers, and after-school snack and meal programs. We are dedicated to ensuring that all children and adults have access to free, nutritious meals that will assist them in maintaining healthy eating habits.

Healthy School Food Collaborative offers many services to our vast network of partnerships. From nutrition consulting to navigating the audit and compliance processes to ensure your facilities are operating safely and efficiently, our top food service operations professionals are here to work with you. Contact us today to see which service under our umbrella would best fit your needs!

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